Friday, October 25, 2013

solve this pattern...

Make the program in the C to print the following pattern...


try it !!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Career in the Softwere Engineer

For who desire their  Career as Softwere Engineer:- 

Hai guys today i want to write for the only Softwere Engineer who want to hire in the world's best Tech. Compnies.
    I googling for the softwere engineering. At that time i found some site which one help me to lot about the saleries,experience and some interview quetions towards softwere engineer. In those all my favourite site is the

    Here where you can find the lot of the information about the Softwere engineer. And one more thing is that they provide you two ebooks which are:

1. Cracking the coding Interview
2. The Google Resume

I read some portions of these books and  according to me both are too much helpful to us and it is mindblowing !!!!!

Yap one thing anther is that they also provide  to you some interview video on the Youtube. So with that you can learn the process of the interview....

I recomanded to you all to pass one time from this site if you are crazzy for the softwere engineering career....