Sunday, September 1, 2013

Test your IQ : Solve the Puzzle

Teste your IQ :------

If you think you are logically powerful and solve any problem then i give you mind play puzzle...
Teste your IQ :------

 Read the information given below and answer the questions 
that follow:
(1)There is a group of five girls. 

(2)Kamini is second in height but younger than Rupa.

(3)Pooja is taller than Monika but younger in age. 

(4)Rupa and Monika are of the same age but Rupa is 
tallest between them. 

(5)Neelam is taller than Pooja and elder to Rupa.   


Q1.If they are arranged in  the ascending order of heights, 
who will be in the third position?  

(a) Monika        (b) Rupa            (c) Monika or Rupa  
(d) Date Inadequate   (e) None of these   

Q2.If they are arranged in a the descending order of their 
ages, who will be in the fourth position?  

(a) Monika or Rupa       (b) Kamini or  Monika    c) Pooja     
(d)Data Inadequate              (e) None  of these   

Q3.To answer the question “who is the youngest person in the 
group”, which of the given statements is superfluous?  

(a) Only (1)        (b) Only (2)         (c) Only (5)      
(d) either (1) or (4)        (e) None    



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